First post


I'll keep this post short because this post is more of a test of the cli tool of than anything else.

As I have probably stated in the home page I'm going to talk about computer stuff more than anything else. Mainly about low level programming because browsing gemini I found little to no content dedicated about it, and after some years dabbling into C and assembly I feel that there are still things to be said about them.

I'll also probably be talking about everything Linux/FOSS, gaming, the small web and what not.

I'm really excited to start uploading content to the geminispace and fill the void with niche content. Hope you like it too!

By the way I'll also link to some usefull resources to learn how to code low level.

x86 assembly with nasm (www)
6502 assembly (www) (The first assembly language I learned)

For C programming I was going to add a link for a pdf book but i'm not sure if it is pirated or not so I'm going to list the books and leave the rest to you:

And finally even though it is not low level to learn shell scripting:

That last book literaly improved not just my Linux workflow but I could argue that it also improved my entire life.

Well that's it, not too bad for the first post, right? See you guys around.